Call for articles for the book:

Alps and Resistance: conflicts, violences and political reflections (1943-1945)

Editor: Francesco Scomazzon

What is the relationship between the Alps and the Resistence during the Italian Social Republic? Around this question we want to deepen the function of the Alps as a “centre” of battles, violences and opposition to fascism, as well as the cradle of political debate destined to forge the modern Italian and European democracy.

We invite submissions from scholars who work on the phenomenon of violences, exile and refugees during the Italian Social Republic (1943-1945).

We are interested in articles that discuss the role of the Alps as a centre of violences, battles and resistance, focusing on their geo-political, military and economic role.

We are, of course, also interested in manuscripts that deal with the Alps as a refuge and escape place, with particular attention to the role of Switzerland in accepting and rejecting italian political and racial refugees.

We hope to receive papers that deal with the Alps – barrier and connection between Italy and Switzerland – as laboratory of democratic discussion for new institutional forms, such as regional autonomies and federalism.

We welcome contributions, but not exclusively, on:

–       Violence and resistance on the Alps: fascists and partisans

–       Live the war on the border: the alpine communities

–       Escaping Salò violences: smugglers, passeurs and Jews

–       Women on the Alps: social, economic and political relations

–       The Italian emigration in Switzerland, the resistance and the forge of a new Europe

–       Americans, allied prisoners and the Italian resistance: the role of the Alps

–       Debating the future of the Alps: the “Declaration of representatives of alpine populations”These are just some of the guidelines that do not however preclude the possibility of hosting further thematic contributions. The book will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. If you are interested in partecipating we ask you to send your article for evaluation by September 30, 2020 to:

A Chapter should normally be no longer than 6000 words, and should be original and previously unpublished. If the work has already been published (as a journal article, or in conference proceedings, for example), the 

Publisher will require evidence that permission to be re-published has been granted. To see the Call on the Publisher’s website, please click here:

submission.docx, where you can download and complete a submission form.

Francesco Scomazzon is a PhD in contemporary history from the University of Milan (Italy). Swiss National Science Foundation grantee, he has been associated researcher at “Università della Svizzera italiana”. His studies focus on Italian emigration in Switzerland during and after WWII, history of the Alps and the Italian resistance.